Is wing chun effective in a street fight?

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21 thoughts on “Is wing chun effective in a street fight?

  1. iFM says:

    To be honest, any and all martial arts is training with and for… predictive behavior. But, in real life, it's unpredictable…. So you really need to be creative, you don't know what the aggressor will do…. Of course, you are practicing for typical behaviors as well….. But, all in all, it is unpredictable….. Sure, some techniques are better than others, but at the same time… Think about it… We are not talking about pitting two trained professionals in the octagon….. This is real life… Most likely it's someone that doesn't know martial arts at all against someone that's been practicing. Even then, the experience level counts…. Someone that's been in a few simple but hardcore street fights can take down someone that's been training Karate/Tae Kwon Do for a few months (only because sparring in a dojo isn't real and non-threatening). There are so many factors to consider…. You can't be grappling someone on the ground, what if a friend or a couple of friends decides to step in???

  2. Priyonkar Dasgupta says:

    Hello, Master Wong. I have been following your videos for a while and liked them very much. They are treat to watch and observe.

    Now, I wish to know:

    1. In case someone does not have naturally strong hands how should he prepare to make them fight-worthy?
    2. Also how to increase physical endurance?
    3. How to build mental strength required to sustain injuries and still continue to fight? (I have read that the Samurai believed that if one went to fight thinking one would come back alive one inevitable died and vice-versa. But in an apparently civilized world you are not always prepared with such a mindset – for instance a sudden unexpected street attack that I faced recently. It took me completely off-guard. Therefore, how to maintain a steady mind to stay alert and respond with firmness to attacks.)

    Does Wing Chun have specific body-mind training and/or philosophy available for the above?

  3. Secret ? says:

    I am here because of ip man movie is it really effective or its only effective in the movie the move and techniques can you really pull it off in a real world scenario or you will punch like a wild man just like you saw in fail martial art vs boxing fight. You get what I mean if you search

  4. Le Leks says:

    I mean the best thing you can do to defend yourself is to let go of your ego. DON'T EVER TRY TO FIGHT. Whatever style you do, how good you are don't matter if there are 4 of em and they pull out a gun. Then you're dead bruh. I be doing stupid things and tryna act tough, could've been killed. But training martial art is real good for you, just pick one that you like. Train hard, perfect it and adapt to different senerios. It's not bout what you do, it's bout how you do it

  5. gmashe says:

    I'm so tired of all this talk about "wing chun is no good on the street". I'm an old man. been street fighting all my life. Principles of Wing Chun are solid. Be a fighter. Get INSIDE the dickhead that is picking on you, destroy him and then walk away!!!

  6. Anthony Aguilar says:

    I love Master Wong's explanations why typical training won't work in the real world and the student needs to evolve what they learn. First and foremost, any trained martial artist will have an advantage in the street if they take the training seriously and doesn't matter which style it is as long as it's realistic (no flying kicks to the head lol), but keep in mind so many variables and unpredictable elements when in the streets. I, unfortunately don't have time to learn a whole new style which Wing Chun would most likely be the next if I did…but videos like this teach the mind to be more open and I appreciate them. It's the videos that try to prove there's no need to adapt because they have all the answers and beat on their students to prove their system works that annoy me.

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