Is Krav Maga Legit? the 100% TRUTH

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19 thoughts on “Is Krav Maga Legit? the 100% TRUTH

  1. Ritchie Bravo says:

    Bjj guys and MMA guys get beaten and raped on the streets every minute these schools are giving them a false sense of surviving a life or death situation were they don't even have the common sense to gtfo out of dodge

  2. Ralph Herbert says:

    One thing I can totally agree with you is that today's street fight can be extremely violent, especially if they sucker punch you or using a pipe or weapon and a lot of cases rarely challenge you one on one. A lot of the younger guys now a days are pretty well built, strong and long winded and there is no referee or tap out. So you had best know your shit, no matter what the art, and be very confident with it.

  3. Frank Jr. says:

    I have years of Combat Sports training  and I am currently training in Krav Maga and honestly, I think you need a foundation in Combat Sports before playing with Krav Maga.  Krav Maga is another tool to add to your toolbox but, you need to know how to 'absorb the useful and discard the useless' (Bruce Lee). For example; Krav Maga's so called weak knee clinch will get you killed…the Muay Thai clinch is so much more useful and dangerous. Krav Maga does have some great drills for inside fighting and inside control but, you'd better have a good foundation in Combat Sports to know how to use it. Keep up the good work my friend.

  4. Christopher Landeroz says:

    I took Krav Maga for almost 2 years. One instructor was a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kempo (sp?). He said he took to Krav because it incorporated a little bit of everything. He said it wasn't to kick peoples ass, it was to go home at the end of the day. A different instructor was a lifelong martial artist had a background in Savat, Eskrima (excuse the spelling), Boxing, and Tae Kwondo. The school also had a Jiu Jitsu class (taught by a 2nd degree purple belt) and Muay Thai (10ish year pro fighter). It supplemented training and sometimes the 2 Krav trainers would incorporate techniques outside of KM training program but but highlighted effectiveness. I only left the school because of price increase and most trainers leaving for a new school that opened up far from where I lived.

    Now I'm in Vegas and Syndicate MMA has a Krav program on top of Muay Thai, JJ, Boxing, & Wrestling. Can Krav be effective? Yes. Can it be more effective when you cross train in other discplines? YES.

    Sorry for such a long comment =/

  5. London Jack says:

    Krav is better than nothing, gives you some cardio and shows how to throw some basic strikes. It could save you against a fronter bully type but not against anyone really tough. BJJ is simply another level of seriousness. It's like having a full on fight (without strikes) against a fully resisting opponent 4 to 5 times in each 1 hour class. If you can tough it out to blue belt your not a person anyone would want to mess with

  6. London Jack says:

    Perfect advice. Krav Maga alone may cause you to develop unrealistic confidence. So do Krav at a school that also does boxing, BJJ, MMA. These martial arts give you the fully resisting opponent. Krav does teach weapon defence the other martial arts don't. So best bet is to combine both if you want high quality self defence

  7. Texan PlayeR says:

    Krav maga is about eye gouge, groin kick and neck strike.
    All of it is forbidden in mma. So of course in mma rules it sucks^^
    But must be a good reason why Israeli military trains it. I mean they are known to be almost the pinacle of armies

  8. CommanderDodo says:

    I dont think its really smart to argue about Krav Maga being effective or not. I dont know much about this style of self defense, but i definetely know that the military of israel is in a war 24/7 and i wouldnt argue about them using things that arent effective. They once had the best spys in the entire world and talking about krav maga in general is kinda stupid. You have tons of retards teaching people MMA, because they once learned Karate, went to a 2 weekend judo seminar and think they have stand-up and grappling skills.

    This whole discussion about this sport being legit or not is so dumb. Krav Maga isnt a sport like MMA. Its a style to defend yourself in military situations. People took that to a stupid "lets make money"-hype and now every idiot watching the UFC thinks krav maga isnt legit. You have to do krav maga to really see if its effective or not. This marketing-bullshit people are selling right now isnt the style people created many years ago. MMA is effective to smack peoples face or to tap them, but if somebody holds a knife youre pretty much fucked i guess.

    People should stop comparing the sport of MMA to a self defense military style that was created to really fuck people up and not to just "show shit off in the streets of fucking brooklyn". I dont doubt that most classes in krav maga are shit, but so are the most muay thai classes and also MMA classes. If you want to learn the real effectiveness of something you have to learn from people that are using it like it for situations they created it for. MMA is for the Cage and Krav Maga is for the battlefield. I dont think Connor McGregor, as much as i like him, would try to fuck with a guy from Mossad because there are no rules in the field where you use Krav Maga.

    As i mentioned before, i dont know much about it. Im training Muay Thai for almost 10 years and switched to MMA 3 years ago. I have 2 police officers in class who can beat the shit out of you with their self defense shit, which isnt allowed in MMA. So if you put rules into perspective, then yeah MMA is the shit, but thats not what self defense stuff is about. Its to fuck people up before they fuck up you, no matter what.

  9. Pedro Pauli says:

    in regards to krav maga, you're probably in a shit school if it's not Bukan, which is the original krav maga created by Imi, all the other schools that call themselves ''krav maga'' teach defense against knives, guns, rpg, tanks, almost all of that is bullshit

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