ip Man Destroy the Boxer – Wing Chun

Did Ip Man manage to destroy a boxer with his wing chun skills? Who knows! But in this video Master Wong talks about how effective wing chun can be no …

30 thoughts on “ip Man Destroy the Boxer – Wing Chun

  1. Archie Leech says:

    that's a boxer?? come on, my kid can jab out a fist faster than that. again, looks good on film but in the street, fast hands cannot be stopped with a flurry of combos. this advice will only get someone hurt out there.

  2. Jason Holloway says:

    Master wong I am looking to do wing chun I see it is very effective. I have a son who is 12 years old and I would also like him to train in this style. I am from the West Midlands a town called Dudley is there anywhere I can train using your style please?

  3. Chesus Jrist says:

    Wong has the speed, form, and SNAP of a true master.

    Snap isn't just force, but timing too. And not just your own timing, but the timing of your opponent too! Very subtle but definite sign of someone who is comfortable in what they do.

    You see someone with snap and form like this, and I don't care who you are. You're in trouble.

  4. Recon 0321 says:

    Master Wong; i was wondering why you use no hand trapping for boxers. Like you said; take away the weapon. Whenever i have sparred with boxers i always trap their hands, alternating between arms and sweep the leg if it arises. Is this in your opinion not a good idea?

  5. Golden ModeM says:

    A lot of people doubt your technique, maybe they should try to kick your ass and see what happens? A lot of arguments would be settled. Don't forget to film that for us to see!

  6. Kenneth Sumerford says:

    I think this is Not going to work for most individuals ages 40+ because it is hard to position your elbow to the boxer's fist. And if you miss the fist then you will probably get hit hard in the head.

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