Introduction to Krav Maga – White Belt Class #2 (Principles, Front Instep Kick)



Follow along with Adelaide as she takes her second Krav Maga private lesson. In this “White Belt” series, you will can learn along with her, from black belt …

21 thoughts on “Introduction to Krav Maga – White Belt Class #2 (Principles, Front Instep Kick)

  1. N4TX says:

    I have been in Martial Arts a lot and tried many styles, I have sadly been involved in a few altercations in the past, let me tell you simply you do not want to fuck about, and when the time comes for you to fight to not only win but to come back home with little or no damage you will have to fight as hard as you have ever done, for me no technique is better than punching and kicking, it is natural, you do not have to think, I did not go into any stance and I suggest you do not either, putting your hands up like that really is going to do nothing but irritate someone, many fights are stopped by simply the mouth, of course some people will not listen, the majority of the time they do and a talk down technique is very effective, so for me learn how to hit hard with both fists and feet, and learn how to talk people down, keep calm is crucial, we all go through the fight of flight thing, you need to keep calm to be able to either win the fight or for the fight never to happen which I am sure you will agree is best, Krav is a good type of Martial Art do not get me wrong, all Martial Arts offer something, just for me nothing beats a hard hitting machine within a second of something kicking off, its even faster than that, once in a fight you need to take them out completely or they will do the same to you! stay safe and be aware of your environment at all times.

  2. TheFunkhouser says:

    Thats me and I didnt even know! .. situational awareness! Now hearing that when Im out and about Im always on the look out, not manic of course, but just aware of wtf is going on around me or where Im heading to that I can see. Always have one arm free. But I come from a Martial Arts background, dunno if thats it.

  3. Steven Kelley says:

    I have to say its really amazing to see how Adelaide's confidence and poise is increasing by the minute. You can see her sense of pride and accomplishment in her face as she goes through these lessons. Good for you girl!

  4. LivesJuris says:

    the blonde practitioner has a lot of style and charismatic presence, and knows how to collaborate and give leadership to the instructor, she has everything to be a star in the martial arts and cinema

  5. Andrew Graham says:

    Given the weakness of being relatively unfit, and with the injuries I am carrying such as knee reconstruction and rods in legs. I was wondering if this could be a good way to both stay and keep fit and get the added benefit of using the skills I need them. I guess now I have to find a local class here.

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