Introducing the NEW Fox 599 “XT”

This video is intended for educational 7 entertainment purposes only. ** New FOX 599-XT Karambit knife: New FOX 599-XT Karambit knife …

23 thoughts on “Introducing the NEW Fox 599 “XT”

  1. Chrono1288 says:

    Moving away from the liner lock to a lock back design is a step in the right direction. Now if only they had it featuring Andrew Demko's Tri-Ad lock. I mean, this knife already has several patented designs on it, what's one more? I'd much rather have Demko's in lieu of the others, personally, but we all know that Lynn Thompson is rather hard to deal with…

  2. silat says:

    -2017- the new models with cts xhp and dlc coating!!! No thanks, you guys start to become like EA the dart isnt even a year old i feel scammed….

  3. Johnny Brewer says:

    I've had my XT for about 5 days now. Several things stand out. Overall quality of build is very high. High quality components, G-10 and N690CO steel (comparable to VG-10), to name but two. However, there are some design missteps. For starters, there is a very serious issue with the slide lock that locks the back lock. Look closely and you can see it near the pivot on the right side of the knife with the blade held in the normal point down grip. When engaged, it prevents the back lock from opening and allowing the blade to unlock. Two issues with it…. first, who is going to have time to engage it in a defensive encounter? Second, and far more serious, it has nothing preventing it from being accidentally engaged while in your pocket, rendering the knife inoperable… (I consider a locked blade inoperable for this knife and its intended usage.) After finding mine engaged without my conscious input a couple of times, I yanked it out. (Take off the G-10 scale and it sits in a milled recess in it. Just simply remove it and replace the scale.)

    Next, is the design and the tolerances involved. The knife is scary sensitive to the amount of torque applied to the screws that hold the scales on. The scales form a part of the structural backbone. As such, they are more than window dressing and depending on how tight you make the screws, it affects the torsion bar motion. Put them on to what seems reasonable, and the torsion bar will most likely be locked down to where it freezes the blade. Same goes for the blade pivot screw. Make it loose enough for the blade to move freely, and you'll have slop in the action. Tighten it down to take out the slop, and it becomes quite stiff. It takes a bit of trial and error to find the sweet spot. And that glass smooth feeling you thought you were buying with a ball bearing pivot… nope. Almost all of that is due to the friction between the end of the torsion bar where it contacts the heel of the blade, ultimately forming the lock for the blade. It takes a while to work out the gritty feeling. I trust it will only get smoother. Another related issue, is that about 25% of the time, the action locks the blade up, but leaves the teeniest bit of slop in the lock-up. I am hoping that is due to it not being totally broken in. It may be however, that debris is getting into the notch on the blade and preventing the torsion bar from bottoming out as it falls into the notch. Don't know, will have to keep a watch and see if it improves. It is not, and I stress again, it is not seemingly, a functional issue that renders the knife inoperable. More of a niggle that says, "That shouldn't do that."

    I personally found the milling of the G-10 scales to be very well executed. They did however, feel a bit sharp for my hands. I took a fine diamond file to them and de-horned them. I also found the pocket clip to be a bit intrusive on my grip, but that is most likely a personal preference thing. I'm planning to replace it with industrial Velcro in order to have a "cleaner" grip.

    Hope my little bit of experience with the XT has helped someone.

  4. Ben Dover says:

    What's the legality of carrying this in California? I carry I pocket knife but I feel this might bring some issues, any ideas? Would like to get this or the DART verison with window breaker.


    im sock of people talking about price, ur paying for QUALITY why people dont understand, well then if its to pricey go buy a gastation shit blade that will brake the first time, cant keep an edge, screws falling out the first week….shit.

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