Intro to Knife Fighting and Defense – Free Silat Lesson #20

Understanding these basic principles is absolutely critical to effective Knife training. To learn more …

8 thoughts on “Intro to Knife Fighting and Defense – Free Silat Lesson #20

  1. Brian West says:

    that's always been the thing create distance, move get away, i train with guns a lot, and my thing is i can reach out and touch you with, distance is your friend.. weapons are to be felt not seen. and if you have distance you have time to react. and weapons can be anything from a salt shaker in the table, to the table, to the fire extinguisher, to a pen or pencil. …

  2. chris brady says:

    good video. i always have to stop people when teaching and ask to do the draw or a push then a draw and not just out and showing. depending on backgrounds they are more confused then me when i ask

  3. Clear's Internal Combat Arts says:

    Yes, we find that many martial artists have a very poor understanding of how attacks happen and how to train for them appropriately.

    Unfortunately, we can't train for a specific grip because we have to assume the attack is fast and sudden enough that we wont be able to see which hand position is being used right away.

    And so our responses most work no matter which position the attackers are holding their knives in.

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