Into the Fray Episode 163: Meet Mike Janich, Learn About Knives…



Because so many of our readers carry knives and because we believe that training is the backbone to any sort of self-defense, we have added noted knife

30 thoughts on “Into the Fray Episode 163: Meet Mike Janich, Learn About Knives…

  1. Nimbly says:

    Knife fighting editor? You are going to seriously suggest that average citizens should try to defend themselves with a knife? Rather than a pistol, or OC, or a taser?

    When are you going to have a nun-chuck fighting editor? Where do I submit my resume?

  2. Recon Ty says:

    I'm one of those weirdos who is right handed in shooting and left handed when using knives. So now I have to cover both sides where I carry my weapons.

  3. Cry Havoc says:

    Never runs out of ammo, never jams or malfunctions, silent. And as a medical professional, you can bleed out quicker from knife wounds than from most gunshot wounds.

  4. Martial Artist says:

    My fellow warriors, keep it simple. Learn a few blocks and dirty/MMA boxing in reverse grip up close, and standard grip at distances. I've been cut, shot, and sliced traveling all over the world working in dangerous environments. Fixed blades, or Karambits(especially) or folders with Emerson wave. Another trick is a benchmade Griptalin(with hole) or Spyderco, and tie a Zip-tie to the top(works as a low budget wave)

  5. CNT12696 says:

    You guys brought up a good point. Most attacks come for the left side of your body. As a left handed shooter and knife fighter, how can I best guard my head and neck while drawing with my dominant hand?

  6. curtisb3000 says:

    I love knife fighting, I would rather get shot and killed then have someone close the distance who is a average or a trained Blade runner. I have trained with blades for over eight years and even if you manage to live you'll probably suffer from PTSD after the fact. Its not something to be fancied bringing a gun to a knife fight if the knife guy closes distance on you be prepared with empty hand techniques or close quarter hand gun techniques IF NOT PAY THE PRICE. Firstly I was taught is put my empty hand on his hand going for the gun whether above or below his waist its pretty much a done deal after that.

  7. Rimadal says:

    Glad to see Mike come on board, been a long time fan. watch every episode of The Best Defense, and Best Defense Survival. I have learned many many useful things from watching him.

  8. STEVE P says:

    Blades have ben around for millions of years, guns have only been around for hundreds of years, firearms are relatively young compared to blades. If you run out of ammo, have a malfunction, lose ammo, etc. you can always turn to a blade.

  9. Richard says:

    Janich is the man! I think Martial Blade Concepts is the most effective knife defense curriculum out today. EDC knives (I'm not taking 9" choppers) simply don't cut deeply enough into vital organs to immediately incapacitate an attacker. The genius that Janich is, he has created a curriculum that teaches you to cut the muscle groups that will stop the attack immediately through an intuitive process with consistency across different movements. On a side note, I would LOVE to know what and how Janich carries a blaster!!

  10. Linda Hutchinson says:

    Mike, what brand, and model knifes are you carrying? I was very impressed by how quickly they opened. I am in a wheelchair, so carrying in front, or back pockets is out of the question for me. i do have a pocket on the side of my lower pant leg, it's a real possible, at least until I find a small enough 9mm to fit in it.

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