Instructor Zero DVD – Tactical Handgun

This video is intended for educational & entertainment purposes only. ** Instructor Zero DVD for handgun lev1 with music by The White Stripes! Thank you for …

29 thoughts on “Instructor Zero DVD – Tactical Handgun

  1. Lex Luthor says:

    You should do a series where Zero teaches Doug to shoot, and Doug teaches Zero empty hand/blade work CQC stuff and the combine the two to make Blade in hand/pistol in hand system. Both ends of spectrum working at the same time. It seems that is where things are heading in the future, they seem like the best instructors to iron out the exact technique.

  2. TAC-Z says:

    Shut up and take my money !!!
    Seriously though, how long is it, what is the content, and its all instructive vs "look what i can do", right?

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