Instinctive Knife Throwing – Epic Blade Time

My theory on Instinctive Knife Throwing, Any technique can be instinctive! All about stickin knives from many distances without using distance markers It has more to do with how you train and…

10 thoughts on “Instinctive Knife Throwing – Epic Blade Time

  1. Himmelgren says:

    Oh cool, it has a name! Instinctive. When I was practicing no-spin throwing with bo shuriken, I used this technique a lot. Every time I got a clean hit I would change the distance by 1 random length step into either direction. 
    I also did backhanded and underhanded throws with relative success, although I kind of hit a wall with distance & accuracy at some point.. I should start practicing again!

  2. Rob Bentley says:

    great throws rog. I think instinctive throwing is demonstrated best when walking and throwing. If you can be on the move and get sticks not by judging distance, but by simply seeing the target and knowing how to get a stick, you are doing it right. We all agree what instnctive throwing is, its just how we describe it is different. Gettin on with those hathegklas!

  3. randall bo mcnees says:

    i don't believe in instinctive distance  throwing  i know where i am from most distances especially 50 feet in the skill is knowing should it be a handle or blade  throw from where you are standing thats the instinctive part not the distance..same with no spin the instictinctive part is knowing how much pressure to put on the knife  to keep it from spinning from a certain distance

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