Incredible Butterfly Knife Tricks (Balisong)



Curtis is incredibly talented with butterfly knives and can do some impressively dangerous tricks. WARNING: Practicing with butterfly knives/balisong can be …

30 thoughts on “Incredible Butterfly Knife Tricks (Balisong)

  1. Kuma Films says:

    Sorry it took so long to get you guys a balisong video. Keep suggesting ideas and we'll do our best to find more people to film! 😀

    And congrats to Ali Cat for winning the Fontaine Cards x Kuma giveaway!

  2. Representative says:

    Quiet kid transfers

    2 days later~

    Bullies: Check that dude out, so weird and quiet, Wanna mess with him bois?

    Bully 1 & 2: Yeah

    They approached to the quiet boy

    Bullies: Hey –

    Queit boy pulls out a butterfly knife and well the video

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