Improvised Weapons – Self Defense Scenario



Self-Defense ▻ Rubber Knife (Amazon) ▻ In this video, we show you a real looking …

13 thoughts on “Improvised Weapons – Self Defense Scenario

  1. jean davoux says:

    before learning any fighting technic, learn that: use any item as an improved weapon. a glass, a handfull of coins, peebles, to throw to the face of your oponent, a belt as a whip, a jacket, a bag as a weapon or a shield to run into the agressor…

  2. Raphael Fonseca says:

    I think the towels are good to roll and protect the hands to at least try to pull the knife of the hands of the attacker, or attack him in the eyes, not throw.

    I just started to watch your videos and I'm liking. Greetings from Brazil.

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