Improvised Weapons: Belt, Snow Brush, Chair and Jacket

The subject of this video is about using improvised weapons for self-defense. We all know how dangerous attackers can be and they don’t hesitate to use …

4 thoughts on “Improvised Weapons: Belt, Snow Brush, Chair and Jacket

  1. CSchramAkaLilChris says:

    Hey man I like the video, as for what you said about 5 minutes in about fights never lasting 2 or 3 minutes I mean I grew up in hazel park michigan, ghetto as fuck and has plenty of gangs where I've seen them go at it for 15 minutes. I've been in 3 minute long fights before though. It happens just it's not common.

  2. TFDobes1212 says:

    For the water bottle: when i was in middle school we played a betting game where we'd hit each other's knuckles with the water bottle. Probably hard to aim in a fight, but i guess it could be used as a stick weapon

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