Importance of Reacting Quickly (Baseball Bat Attack)



Click the link below to learn how to protect yourself: ▻ Reacting quickly against an attacker wanting to hurt you with …

10 thoughts on “Importance of Reacting Quickly (Baseball Bat Attack)

  1. Rooroo92 says:

    i actually have a small/medium backpack with a full 2 litre bottle of water inside that could probably take the force of the bat, but the only problem is its a bit fiddly to use and once ive drank it, well, there goes my shield! lol
    Nick, do you reckon you could do a video on what to do if they're not aiming for your head, but your knees, to take out your legs and finish you off when they're done? Thanks again btw

  2. Love L says:

    Run, Fly or equalize! A baseball bat will cause serious damage to you if you are on the receiving end of one. Two of my rules with a baseball bat are like if someone pulls a knife on you — BEAT YOUR FEET! of find something to equalize if you have a gun it would be a time to use it.

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