12 thoughts on “I’m Getting Rid of All My Knives, Except…

  1. CalvaryKnivesLLC says:

    I know I am late to this thread, but I am new to the channel so… Don't get rid of all your knives! Knives are like family, and you should cherish them all, lol. At least that's how I feel. Love the channel and your brother's channel. Keep it up.

  2. Jose Aguilar says:

    nice beard !! if you trim your mustache; it may be a good time to let it grow. so you have that full beard look. it appears that its long enough now and eventually it will fill in.
    it isn't perfect but no beard is. don't let anyone tell you to trim it like your brother did. it's frustrating to me that grown men ask other men to shave. people should let you be yourselves!

  3. Cody V says:

    I currently carry a SpyderCo Dragonfly 2.. Nice little blade, fits in the coin pocket on all of my pants and shorts. However I find myself longing for a Benchmade 940. Will probably get one at some point and even if its not an everyday carry it will be a collector and family heirloom. For a multi-tool I want a leatherman style PS. TSA friendly for when traveling as well.

  4. Jakob Wolf says:

    Hey Juan, I've got exactly the same Knife and it is great. It looks good you got everything you need and not to much. Could you maybe do a short knife collection video? thanks in advance -Jakob

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