Tim Kennedy is a US Army Special Forces Sniper and was a legit contender in the UFC’s Middleweight Division. He trains like his life depends on it. Watch this …

32 thoughts on “IF YOU THINK YOU’RE THE BEST, YOU’RE WRONG!!!! Watch this!!

  1. Paul Singer says:

    while its wrong to overestimate your skills and knowledge as a trained fighter .. it's actually worse to underestimate your skills and to inadvertently hurt someone more than you really interned… the Guilt, shame, and remorse of hurting innocents last long after the high fives are all passed out … .. the best is simply to have an accurate assessment of your skills strength and speed and your opponents, your enemy and especially your or training partners

  2. William Wallace says:

    Ok ok ok ok. Great. I'm all in on the arts. But seriously dude. Put on a effing shirt. It's just plain gross seeing two naked guys playing twister on the ground. Shut the vid down in 5 sec

  3. Soliquidus BiggestBosselot says:

    I've been subbed and watching this channel since Ryan the medic and have been wondering: these promotional videos pop up more often than the content of old. Things like getting to know about the featured instructors and what makes them tick/why they do what they do. In the past month alone there were a few videos for shooting fundamentals that ended up being SIRT pistol ads, and a few more promo vids for past seminars. I'm curious, is there more than one team filming/editing/uploading content?

  4. bladeimm says:

    Sorry guys – the vid DOES have a strange homo-erotic tone to it. No offense, but judging by rhe comments, I'm not the only one who sensed it. I turned the vid off because I wasn't sure what was going to happen next…

  5. Ha Re says:

    Yuck, looks like gay sex, stopped watching after 15 sec. don't wana bleach my eyes out. Just carry a 45acp and shoot straight and know when and how to deploy deadly force, If your going to fight it better be for keeps otherwise avoid the fight, period.

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