37 thoughts on “icepick grip aka reverse grip knife combo

  1. wmpyr says:

    @valontony thanx man, yeah, real life combat with or without weapons is not easy, not pretty, very stressful. Even animals avoid unnecessary confrontation and usually go for the much weaker prey.

  2. wmpyr says:

    @valontony just watched it, my Dad taught me that if I'm willing to learn, then I can learn from anything. For example you can even learn from a terrible instructor, you learn how not to do things 🙂 a good lesson from this clip is that it can take a long time, and even if you cut up your enemy, they can still be fighting back and be tough. Knife combat is not easy.

  3. Anthony Ho says:

    This scene from( Steven Seagal – Driven to Kill 2009 fight scene) at 1min 20secs uploaded by jasonwall2k9 shows a reverse grip by Steven. Is this a realistic move and can we learn anything from it ? Thanks …

  4. wmpyr says:

    @blacksilkblacksilk thanx Silk, as you know for a martial artist, I don't get into street fights, knife fights, or anything close to that, so all I can do is develop body mechanics. This is all about skill, nothing more, nothing less.

  5. PrincessChronicles says:

    I learned something new. I thought the psycho shower scene stab was the best one to use. I maybe should never have seen that film because every once in a while I think about it and try to figure out how I would defend myself in that situation.

  6. blacksilkblacksilk says:

    Excellent point, when you advised not to listen too much to what people say, and instead just train. I mean you do not know for sure in most cases if the other guy is armed or not, let alone what kind of grip he has – and conversely you cannot predict in what kind of grip you will hold your knife/baton/improvised weapon when you grab it on moments notice and under stress. So just train is the best advice.
    Also a brilliant combo with tons of possible combinations.
    Excellent as usual
    take care

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