Ice Pick Grip Knife Defense

▻ One of the scariest types of assault is the ice pick grip …

24 thoughts on “Ice Pick Grip Knife Defense

  1. MATRIX 9905 says:

    your to awesome I can't get enough of this best channel ever stay safe I know you can but I can now but cause of you I can fight now and I got into a fight with a bigger guy Im 5.6 and he 510 and I one cause of you thank you so much for the tips by the headbutt that helped a lot

  2. voodoo2130 says:

    Great video Nick! .I have an idea , you should do a first person perspective simulation or a virtual scenario where us audience can practice our verbal defense or the right timing for a pre-emptive strike . Just a thought, really nice videos, thanks ! 🙂

  3. NothingMaster says:

    I know I always praise you guys on your videos, but you should especially be commended for this one. Great advice based on a realistic scenario. Videos like this really help save lives. In a super dangerous scenario like this, unless you are an olympic runner and can get away from the attacker, kicking is your best option. It is by no means a guaranteed defense, but in this case it's the only realistic strategy that might bear fruit and get you out of a grave danger.

  4. Mike Wazofski says:

    I know a lot of martial arts systems teach pretty bad defense for knives, in my experience though, HEMA's dagger technicues are largely transferable to knives, and are simple and practical enough to implement, at least to an extent.

  5. Kprz Ckds1119 says:

    Actually it is not the knife what is dangerous. It is the man (or woman) holding it, so just like you showed with your legs, you should focus on him. Trapping is also okay, but if I entered I would maybe just beat him. Yeah, I might get stabbed, but getting stabbed while beating him and his intention is backing is a hell lot different than getting stabbed while his intention is to kill you. Great video and keep up the good work!

  6. jajajai says:

    Just curious, I am not a fighter, I wonder why someone would not dive to the ground in such a hopeless instance and grab legs or dive through the attacker's legs? You never see such a defense but that is what I would instinctively do, fight from beneath and kick from ground as some rolls etc.. idk is that a stupid move?

  7. surviving susan says:

    Yes, the best thing is to keep your distance but up close I think the cross block is best stepping to your opponents outside. Just never always rely on doing just 1 move you keep it real.

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