Ice Pick Grip Knife Defense | Santorini



On Line Training ▻ In this video I give you tips on how to defend against an ice pick grip knife. Your comments are …

21 thoughts on “Ice Pick Grip Knife Defense | Santorini

  1. Conservative Views by Christine says:

    That one is scary. I once had a guy come at me with a hammer using that motion, I was able to take it away from him and he ran into his house his wife came out yelling at me. I told her I did nothing, she went back into the house yell at him. I never had anything to do with them. I was happy along with others when he move away.

  2. QuantumGeeks says:

    What we can do if the attack use this "grip" but he attack fontral..
    Instead of attacking from above, they attack us frontally with that grip

    In this case the attacker uses his thumb up ..

    what we can do if we are attacked use this grip , with his big toe " looking " to him…?? @nickdrossos

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