Iaido Lesson The Saya. How to use a katana. Samurai Arts explained.

A short video on how and why the saya is used in Iaido / Iaijutsu. Help support my endeavors on PATREON Learn sword Join my …

17 thoughts on “Iaido Lesson The Saya. How to use a katana. Samurai Arts explained.

  1. Charlie Albright says:

    In Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu we have a lot more saya movement. We wear the Tachi with a 60/40 ratio with the tsuka in front of the right hip, referred to as the riding position. To draw the sword we simply pull the saya off of the sword, not out of the saya and noto in the same fashion. It is safer and allows you to draw the sword both in tight quarters as well as in situations where your right arm is blocked or trapped and cannot be brought forward. Just another type of sayabiki I thought I would mention

  2. Zatracenec says:

    Awesome! Another question: I always saw the other end of sageo being attached somewhere on the obi, but on the right side. Here I see it on Your left side…..are there also many styles of attaching the sageo? Thank You.

  3. Knuckle Puppy says:

    Very informative. Whilst I had little instructions in the form of a knowledgeable instructor, I did learn much, part of which was "pull your saya back, and don't cut your arm with nuki".
    As a collector, I've encountered many blade designs, my favorite being a moroha-zukuri, the double-edged variant. Do you have any advice for noto with such a blade?

  4. theR0nin says:

    Just to clarify, saya biki doesn't speed up the sword, but it does shorten the time it takes to draw the sword. So in that sense we can say it speeds up the draw. Of course Gudkarma wasn't trying to say that this makes the sword travel at a higher rate of speed 😉

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