Iaido lesson changing grip on the sword for kenjutsu and kendo

Answering a users questions about sword grip for Iaido, kendo. Check my endeavors on PATREON ▻ Merchandise …

8 thoughts on “Iaido lesson changing grip on the sword for kenjutsu and kendo

  1. Russoski234 says:

    These are the tiny little details that change the whole picture. I had it wrong all the time: I thought that it was wrong to have a soft grip, so I tried this and it's so much better.
    Thank you.

  2. Jeff C. says:

    "Soft hands" One of the best bits of advice I got about 2 years ago from my shihan at the time was "don't ever let anyone change your hands", he said I had a naturally soft grip that took him years to get.

  3. Alice M says:

    Thanks for sharing. I learned that kirite is the cutting grip, in which your hands take a significant angle in relation to the tsuka. Ukete is the blocking grip, which is straighter on, more like a baseball bat grip. Tsukite is the thrusting grip, which moves the hand more to the flatter part of the tsuka for stabbing.

  4. Lukas Hrabovsky says:

    Awesome video, i love it. I always though u need some flow in ur grip not to be grip "nazi". Your video about small/little things are most appreciated. (breathing, grip and i hope in future u will do video about movement basic or advanced). Thanks a lot and have a good day 🙂

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