Iaido & Aikido tips for Knife Combat



please apply these concepts to your routine.

12 thoughts on “Iaido & Aikido tips for Knife Combat

  1. don baker says:

    I Know this video is old but it got me to thinking. I Have some background in Iai and I realized that I enjoy your training because of the effort you put into showing the most basic and fundamental aspects of your art so we can learn concept and evolution. It seems to me that you're teaching the "Do " as well as the "Jutsu " and I Think that 's pretty fantastic ! Thanks for everything you're doing!

  2. wmpyr says:

    @smirkdancer thanx man, your words are way too kind. actually I'm really disappointed in the vid because I left out a lot of details. I rushed filming. thanks for watching.

  3. Gabriel Geer says:

    not being afraid of cutting yourself = a quality motion
    This is an excellent high quality instructional video. very well structured teaching method. I bet your the kind of person who thinks in lists. thank you!

  4. wmpyr says:

    @poormansjamesbond the cheap knife like this definitely has it's place but it's so cheaply made that it also has it's limitations. I think it's important to be humble enough to work with a cheap knife but it's also good to have some nicer ones without becoming a collector snob lol. Lots of people knock throwing, but I think it's a good skill to have. It's better to have throwing skills than no throwing skills. I do practice it 🙂

  5. wmpyr says:

    @KoriKitti Budk is definitely fun to look at! I have a few catalogs saved just cause I enjoy looking at it, but for better quality, it sounds cheesy but I recommend brand names such as CRKT, KA-BAR, Spyderco, list goes on and on, sometimes you can find a good deal from a catalog you can get at smkw.com I also like Poorfish outdoors who has awesome prices on Amazon and ebay.

  6. wmpyr says:

    @KoriKitti I know what you mean about the ease for carry! dive knife sounds cool and sounds like you take good care of it, there are a TON of knives out there, and you never know just when you find a good one that you fancy!

  7. wmpyr says:

    @KoriKitti I have cheap knives and nicer knives, I hope that you have or at least thinking about carrying a nicer knife. But my hat goes off to you for actually carrying a knife 😉

  8. wmpyr says:

    @poormansjamesbond yeah it's from the movie, it's so cold right now it feels like I'm in that movie lol. yep that is the cheap knife at walmart! it's not the knife but the user… coff coff 🙂

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