“I Would…” Self Defense Drill

Self-Defense ▻ Here’s a great self-defense drill to practice with your training partner. This close quarter combat drill …

32 thoughts on ““I Would…” Self Defense Drill

  1. Vesuvius says:

    Nice drill, it's also training people to think and execute what they know. And to execute while adapting rather than to these fake scenarios where everyone knows what's coming. Seems way more applicable to real life combat.

  2. The Average Aussie says:

    again man, proving that you are one of the best self defence trainers. what you teach will save lives not the bogus bull crap that ''take my doe'' gyms teach. keep it up. have you done a video on your personal training background? could be something to think about because you obviously have loads of knowledge when it comes to surviving an attacker. would be cool to see what you did prior to teaching self defence im also curious on how many martial arts you have trained, again keep up the great work

  3. Eric Jackson says:

    We use this method in Systema, however You're still onto something. You're target audience should be these powder puff air conditioned, floor matted dojos and dojangs who care about nothing but your money. Here is the definition of a real dojo from a master who I studied under from 1971 to 1987- 4:004:20 https://youtu.be/0UO_2V0Yml0?list=PLdJjHwuYn3VEgdPOkWPtLBJjeg6nCj2Iq Here's an example of an authentic dojo https://youtu.be/_tKm0FmDkKI Notice Master Mas (famous for knocking out a bull) sweating, the hard wood floor, no mats or air conditioning. That's why I switched to systema for the brutal training I'm used to. I have found no real dojo after I relocated from NYC. The some areas in the US have softened/watered down martial schools to attract potential students who may fear it's traditional roots. More instructors should implement this your format, instead of selling belts to novices just because they can do a kata which means nothing in the street. A psychotic killer does not care what belt you are. I've seen too many so called black belts get the shit beat out of THEM by street thugs. With your method Nick, you could revolutionize the self defense industry

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