Hunting Tips: How To Use A Climbing Tree Stand

This is a demo of how to use a climbing tree stand for new hunters, preppers and survivalists showing how to use a climbing tree stand and some of the values it …

33 thoughts on “Hunting Tips: How To Use A Climbing Tree Stand

  1. Saint Michael Archangel says:

    Hmm … I am a long time hunter and have been a prepper for a long time as well. I am however just now  getting into bow hunting. Because I hunt my own acreage I have always  used stationary tree stands , however since i started bow hunting I have been wondering about the viability of these.  My main concern would be all the noise and activity of getting into place with this thing. I am in pretty good shape but I have a hard time seeing myself doing this in the dark quiet of early morning- LOL.  Anyone  have any thoughts?

  2. gorillius says:

    What crazy guy created this contraption . I can bet there's a book of stats with falls and injuries from using this thing.  This may be for only the expertly coordinated

  3. Reality Survival says:

    I Chris noted, you don't attach the harness until you are at the top with a climber. But you are correct once I was at the top I didn't have a harness on and you should. I believe I pointed that out in the vid. Thanks for keeping me straight though!

  4. Chris Tolley says:

    I've historically been a stalk hunter, but in the location I'm currently at, I quickly learned stalking isn't a viable option. Really thick ground cover, and dried up leaves layered on the floor. I bought my first stand and while my first attempt wasn't a failure, I knew there was a better way. My abs and shoulders are still sore from the way I did it. Thanks for the quick lesson!

    Re the harness comments: You don't attach until you're at the top. It's not like pole or tower climbing.

  5. Reality Survival says:

    That is awesome, just take it slow and do one motion at a time. The rest will come natural. You can certainly be dangerous to the wildlife! In the right tree you can also get very high which is nice, but does shrink the kill zone because of the steep angle, so take that into consideration as well. Have fun!

  6. Hunter Prepper says:

    Thanks for a very good video and explaination on the climbers use. I have normally hunted in area with relatively good view from ground blinds. Reciently the area hunted is HEAVY withh ground cover well over 6 feet tall. I came back in yesterday and said it was time for a climber but didn't know how to use one. Now I have the beginnings of knowledge. Might be dangerous now 🙂

  7. Kevin Kane says:

    Great video bud. Disregard the idiot who said you should emphasize the harness. Anyone with half a brain knows that you can fall when you're in a tree. Some things don't need to be spelled out. As a novice, this video provided answered a lot of logical questions I had along the way. Well done.

  8. P Maverick says:

    No safety harness? Good video. You do a good presentation, but not to show a harness as being essential equipment is very irresponsible. You can die from a climb. Do another one with harness safety. You're very good at these.

  9. NicTaylor00 says:

    I hear what you say. Hunting with your boy? Ya know, I never hunted feeders until my kids came along (its the only way I can hunt now with kids). Now I consider myself lucky to have a hunt with out them 🙂 Don't get me wrong, sometimes daddy needs some alone time 🙂

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