“How Well Can You Defend Yourself against a Knife Attack?” Social Experiment

This video is part of a social experiment we are conducting. The purpose of this experiment is to test people’s ability to defend themselves against a knife.

21 thoughts on ““How Well Can You Defend Yourself against a Knife Attack?” Social Experiment

  1. MicroMicro says:

    If you use a belt as self defence here in Canada, especially in Quebec/Montreal, that can be used against you in court and will land you in prison along side the aggressor. Our self defence laws are so flawed and it really makes me angry.

  2. Hyland Capin says:

    I disagree you want to get distance once they are subdued.. get your distance and keep that other safe… the longer you keep the salient close to you the more of an overall threat they become.

  3. jonnyy40 says:

    Ok I've got him on the ground but it's difficult to knock someone out whose head is on the ground because you can't shake the brain? Do you chop to the throat/side of neck/gouge his eyes?If he's lunatic enough to pull a knife I'm not trying to pull my phone out and call the police losing my grip?

  4. Late Shift Gaming says:

    One major problem that none of the self defense videos or classes never seem to teach and that is that most attacks will begin with a punch or strike that usually knocks the woman down or instantly instills crippling fear into her thus making her comply for fear of getting hit again or worse. Once a woman gets punched in the face, stomach or in back of the head all that self defense goes out the window and the rape happens. The best and only real successful defense tactic is to be aware of your surroundings, anticipate the attack and prepare yourself to be proactive and not reactive and not letting the attacker get the jump on you if possible.

  5. Bill Cheung says:

    If anyone approach you without any reasons n maybe he's armed.kick his balls as hard as you can .if that didn't work .run for your life n keep shouting for help . If luckily he's hit badly then you get more time to run to a safer place but still doing the shouting for help strategy.only go to fight if there is no choice ! Because most attackers if armed w a knife most of them will know how to use if .dont take a chance .run away if u can .

  6. Regal Render says:

    You cannot stop a knife with your bare hands. There is no technique or martial are you can learn that will save you in this situation, other than sprinting away.

    If you try to take on a knife with your bare hands, you are committing suicide.

  7. jscix nobody says:

    step 1. pull out pepper spray. step 2. spray him in the face, step 3. run like fuck… if you don't have pepper spray.. wtf not.. it's 10$ or less for the most powerful types. Sabre Red, etc. no reason to not have it.

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