How We Make Videos



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29 thoughts on “How We Make Videos

  1. Corridor Crew says:

    Please keep in mind before posting a potentially hateful or assumptive remark towards our friends & guests, that it's more impressive & memorable to consider showing respect to your fellow human beings.

  2. Neai Tuppi says:

    It doesn't have to be sell-able, or you don't have to come up with what you think is sell-able, unless you are doing it for a living, and for more people than one. Thankfully not all art that comes out, was done with the criteria that it will be acceptable to some idea of commercial acceptability. Because if it had, then it would likely not be on the same level. They are many careers in life that require making a living, which technically shouldn't. Like fighting crime and law enforcement.

  3. All_Roads says:

    80 cents per 1 thousand views? So a Corrdior video that has 1 million views only earns that $800 dollars? Now I'm even more confused about how they earn money.

  4. Tazaur945 says:

    Anyone else watching this during the April 2017 Ourmine Hack? For those in the future: a 3rd party program hacked Youtube and changed the titles of many, many videos to "Ourmine". It's known as one of the greatest hacks on youtube. Hundreds of channels were affected.

  5. Jackson Porter says:

    According to your 80 cents per thousand people mark your last video: nerf john wick, video made 26,000 dollars. That's pretty good for 2 weeks of work, granted that's a pretty high view video.

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