46 thoughts on “How to Work on the Bob Dummy

  1. Blue Avenue says:

    This is not an intelligent strategy. It is defensively irresponsible to try to enter the clinch without setting it up with strikes. You can get popped on your way in. That is how Ronda Rousey loss so devastatingly against Amanda Nunez. Your student also has poor grips inside the clinch, and poor striking form within. That is not how you knee from the clinch, those are slapping palm strikes that are much weaker than a proper palm heel strike with punching form, and he is simply spazzing out hoping he will overwhelm his opponent. You cannot assume that you can simply overwhelm your opponent into submission especially if they are larger.

    I mean no disrespect but I have to call you out, you are promoting an undisciplined and sloppy style as effective self defense. People if you want to learn how to properly enter the clinch and attack within while being defensive then learn muay thai. If you want to learn how to defend yourself on the ground learn to brazilian jiu jitsu or wrestling. Stick with tried and true artforms used by the best fighters in the world.

  2. rrtaylornz says:

    Really enjoyed it. Sure it's not a real fight with a live opponent, but that's a much more advanced drill – nothing wrong with this drill, as a stepping stone to build up to that. Not everyone is a natural fighter, and some folks need to take it step by step. Plus, if If you did those 10-20 second flurries as sets it would have some anaerobic conditioning value. What I see as the big advantage is that you're training gross motor skills – and when the fight or flight response kicks in, that's all you've got. You would probably adapt it quite a bit for a very small person (maybe introduce improvised weapons ?). Good drill though . Cheers !

  3. Sharkman3472 says:

    Wow there are a lot of negative comments about this video. Let's not forget this is just a solo training drill. It may look hilarious but this is actually a good drill for a spontaneous pre-emptive strike to prevent an aggressor from striking you first. Does this mean you're going to be the baddest street fighter or MMA superstar after doing this drill a few times?… of course not! that's not the point! This is a drill to simply supplement the rest of your training no matter what style or art you practice. Sometimes you just want to get a quick workout in and brush up on some of your self defense skills.

  4. Red Ghost says:

    if you don't know what to do if your opponent has arms you should pay attention to the video and practice with a dummy with no arms first as this will help. If it doesn't then you will be the dummy.

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