How to Win a Fight with a Sword and Buckler

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39 thoughts on “How to Win a Fight with a Sword and Buckler

  1. The Modern Rogue says:

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  2. Jonathan Caledonis says:

    By the time Brian and Jason have concluded the channel, Jason will be one of the most dangerous people in the world and Brian will have been whittled down to a mere stump that occasionally exclaimes "Wow…Ok!"

  3. mt Sanchi says:

    When people in the period carried bucklers around it was as a substitute as armor/gloves/shield while doing daily life, because true armor would be a little cumbersome for having a drink and getting some errands run. You pull out a sword in buckler when your coughs off guard doing something while your not geared up. Most of the time sword a buckler fight would be an unarmored civilian fight.

  4. Sand Kuni says:

    Chess was invented to prevent war… it was developed as a civilized way to see who is more strategic and to battle without casualty much like the samurai shooting arrows by the leader if one leader moves they lose (like chicken) if one is hit and dies he loses and victory is to the opposer but if both miss or fail to kill war is begun

  5. Thug Lincoln says:

    I think it's funny how there's all this workout gear there, like dumbells, glute ham machine, rowers, and yet neither of those guys look like they've ever touched any of it.

  6. Hadron Wolf says:

    hey guys, the HEMA shop does a pretty good deal on bucklers and sparring swords,
    you can get them both for under £100, it would be good for starting out with hema, as starting wth metal can lead to some pretty serious injury, don't get me wrong, plastic can still give you some bad bites, but i'd reccomend plastic.
    the rogues are in a professional setting so it's understandable that they're using metal, but someone messing in the back garden with some friends i'd say go plastic.

  7. cyko phor says:

    Ooh do katana next, also Georgia is amazing for swords, when I picked up my carry permit the lady contacted the FBI to find out if swords we're covered!… They totally are

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