25 thoughts on “How to use/install Tek-lok

  1. schlaznger says:

    Is there a smaller version of the tek-lok. I'm trying to make a bird and trout knife into a something carried on a belt instead of hanging around my neck and I like this design but it's to large for my needs. Thanks.

  2. Patrick Jones says:

    This was very helpful. Like Mosby's men, this is the third video I watched to figure out how to use this thing! It's that lock tab that is not intuitive and, without instructions, is hard to figure out. So I owe you one!!

  3. 47fireguy says:

    Thinking about ordering a Tek-Lok. Have you found that once the belt width has been set that you can easily thread the belt through the opening without opening it each time. Thanks for the Informative video.

  4. Mosby's men says:

    i just bought one , it came with NO instructions , it looks really well made why would they not have instructions this is the third video im looking at to find out how to open it , everyone assumes you know

  5. MR HI5 says:

    Good video. I still use Tek lok's but also use pistol holder paddles, they work really great if you want to remove your knife without removing your belt.

  6. Paul Stanley says:

    Thanks for the informative video! I would like to see you mount the knife on the Tek-lok and then put the whole thing on your belt while you are wearing your belt, if you are up to making a sequel.

  7. Face Wizard13 says:

    Great video! Thank you for taking the time to explain that you can mount a sheath in any orientation. I've had to comb through half a dozen videos before someone even mentioned it. Thanks!

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