In this collaboration with Zen Dragon, he is teaching how to use your keys as an improvised weapon. LEARN SELF DEFENSE: …

19 thoughts on “How To USE Your KEYS in a STREET FIGHT

  1. Matthew Carpenter says:

    Nick, I am new to the channel and from what I’ve seen you’re the real ish brotha. I have a question though………What would happen if you were to get attacked in a public bathroom at like a gas station or a food market? You only have one entrance and one exit…..thanks for taking the time to read this. Much love from Tennessee! ✌️

  2. MrShysterme says:

    You didn't cover the one I've seen before and what I would do, especially since I carry a lot keys, which is:

    Grab in your fist so several keys are protruding from the bottom of the fist, sort of a downward stabbing ice pick. Then go to town with hard hammer fist strikes.

  3. YouLoveBeef says:

    I know a Danish accent when I hear one! Haha. Anyway if you manage to puncture someone's eye or throat with a key you would be in a tough legal battle to avoid jail yourself.

  4. Gary C. says:

    You can never have too many self defense techniques. And yes most people have a set of keys on their person. So for that reason in certain situations this can be useful. Thx for showing this to us . I’m gonna beef up my key ring . Throw some extra keys on there just in case

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