How to use your Belt as an Improvised Weapon

In this video, Nick explains how you can use a belt as a self defense tool. Subscribe to my channel: …

35 thoughts on “How to use your Belt as an Improvised Weapon

  1. Tua Pui Poh TPP says:

    Seriously like what the fuck is this video still here?!Do u know that migrants using this method to terrorize our kids in Europe using this method!!! If you are so dead beat creating this, and your intention is good, you better come up with a video how to counter belt attacker using your method! Think! You should empower positiveness to kids! They look up to guys like you! So quit this video and come up with how to counter belt attacker!

  2. Dominador Tomate says:

    Only difference is that I wouldn't swing the belt as a deterrent. I would swing and connect, and get the hell out. I would also if possible, snap the leather end at the face hoping to make some contact; again, enough time to distract and get the hell out. Street confrontations are weird. Too many things occurring, not really enough time to think.

  3. J H says:

    True story! I got jumped once by three guys. It all started one guy mouthing off as I walked by. I told him to fuck off.Then the three of them followed me & attacked me. I managed to K.O. one. Then his buddy stuck me with a knife in the hip.It wasn't a real bad wound.I didn't feel it until after. Though I managed to get my belt off. & I started whipping him like crazy I actually hit his knife hand & he dropped it.Then he ran away.His face was all bloody & torn up from my belt.Third guy was like fuck this & trying to wake up his unconscious friend who I knocked out.Weird thing, I only realised I got stabbed when I started to walk away.My hip started throbbing & I was bleeding everywhere.Thankfully I was meeting my friend in that parking lot, & he drove me to the hospital. Probably the crazyest thing to ever happen to me. I got damn lucky.

  4. KodackOfficial says:

    and if someone is attacking you like this, for example ur too busy kicking his ass so he decides to take out his belt, just bend down and cover your head and charge at him, cause unless ur bruce lee you wont be able to dodge something like that.

  5. Dj Scoox says:

    A friend was harassed by 6 thugs who were just looking for a fight last week, they started to push him around but he run away to stay out of trouble. No knives or weapons, just fists. However they followed him, but he had a few seconds to take off his belt, and when they threw the first punch he started brandishing his belt and basically gave them what they deserved. The element of surprise was key to his success there though. The belt doesn't guarantee success but at that time that was the best thing he could think of and luckily it worked.

  6. D Patrick says:

    best defense against a knife? wielding the belt like that may really hurt the guy like owwiee, or if a freak incident take an eye, how is that defense against a determined knife assault? you gave him a nasty welt and then you get stabbed in the chest? knives are very dangerous you need comprehensive training to even begin to deal with. as far as wrapping it around some ones head if you have the right training its possible and id rather have someone by the neck then try and whip them with a shortened belt. Silat which comes from a culture that uses the edged weapon includes these type of moves but better start with some footwork.

  7. TheSilverShadow says:

    Nick, when would you grab your belt and wrap it around your hand? Would you take off your belt when you see the guy approaching, or would you take it off when he's in front of you? I believe it would be too risky and it would take too much time to do this. Please reply to this, because I'm very interested in learning.

  8. Alfred Punkers says:

    A situation I've seen happen several times and once to myself, when walking through a crap neighbourhood, is some guys "notice" you and start following you. Then you try and "take cover" perhaps by going into a grocery store. If you stay there too long, they loose their patience sometimes, follow you and drag you out. 

    My improvised weapon, similar to the way you use your belt… is go into a grocery store, buy a small jar of jam or something similar. Some jar made of thick glass so that it doesn't smash easily. Then at the counter, ask for SEVERAL bags, and offer to pay for them if necessary. Toss the jar in the bags… and you got something you can swing around similar to a belt. Pretty simple, nothing special. 

    The jar is heavier than the belt buckle and would hurt more, but also there's less range of attack. 

  9. JimRaynorism says:

    i think the way to counter a belt weapon, is to go all in an take the hit. You'll only get hit once with the belt because when it hits you it stops moving, plus, when you are in that guy's face, he cant really swing the belt

  10. mowens52 says:

    Good ideas. thanks. You are the expert, but I wonder about wrapping the belt around your fist and arm that way. If the other guy could grasp it, he could use that to pull you off balance. With your belt length folded and held in the fist, if the other guy did grab it and pull, you could easy let it unravel and as he fell backwards with the unexpected release, allowing you to rush him.

  11. blue0eyes0knight says:

    i agree a belt would be worth a shot to make the attacker think again and you may even be able to hurt them badly if your skilled/lucky. If you are say stuck in a room with the knife attacker yes i would burst towards him and close him as soon as possible. Why allow him 10,12, 15 attempts at cutting you? you should allow him as few strikes as possible, you gotta trap that knife hand asap

  12. Thomas Fisher says:

    i think the belt is a great improvised weapon. the only thing is, is that you have to choose your belts carefully. make sure its real leather and its flexible, or at least proper worn down so you can spin it/strick with it. and of course, make sure it has a real metal buckle.

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