44 thoughts on “how to use wing chun chain punch for self defense

  1. Markus Holbrook says:

    Master wong is a total badass and one of the greatest fighting personality's i've watched/observed. He can take the toughest looking men and make them look like babies. He is a good teacher in age old traditional disciplines of min, body, and spirit and a totally non-selfish helpful person to post free lessons online helping thousands for no material gain or desires. ^_ ^ Bless him, and appreciate the knowledge he has to freely share, to pass on to anyone who cares enough to apply it with correct philosophy & understanding for the greatest personal growth and development. Martial arts art and spiritual/individual growth of one's capacity have always been closely tied together. One must apply action, intention and will to achieve any transformative effect, In existence you are either, generating and ascending moving up in physical & mental capacity for vitality and total peace of mind, or you are degenerating and descending into ignorance & suffering without discipline or understanding only caring for material sense gratification and desire, which is only temporary and illusory to the true dynamic energetic nature you are connected to through correspondence. People hindered by this state of being do not even care to know being totally distracted by selfish desire, ignoring all their natural senses for silly pseudoscience and a false cosmology of confusion, The most simple self-apparent principles right in front of them are overlooked and misunderstood or not even noticed all together due to their false programmed conflicting/contradictory views of their reality/ physical existence. It is true darkness a totally deluded state, having eyes but they can not see, with ears but they can not hear due to ignorance and arrogance which compose them. That is the great delusion, and it holds so many in bondage and vices. True nature/wisdom is simple and deeply understood through experience and observation. You have the choice to obtain positive or negative fruits through cause and effect. ;]

  2. Schmidty797 says:

    Could you give us a real example of chain punching. This was a short dubbed down version and didn't really apply to a street fighting situation. Explain the motion and footwork more

  3. BODYBAGxPAT says:

    I think wing chun is bullshit and most wing chunners don't spar hard enough use any of their style in a street fight, but Master Lee is fucking badass. his skills are fucking sick

  4. Naori Kokorone says:

    aah the chain punch… I've used it sparring many times. very good for applying pressure, especially since my punches aren't too strong and I have to rely more on aggression. I prefer open hand strikes but also finding a newfound appreciation for body punches. everyone that's ever taught me to fight, has taught me to punch to the body.

  5. S.A.M. says:

    Dear Master Wong:

    I'd love to learn to fight like this, but I have no money to join any sort of martial arts school, and I can only buy the bare minimum of training equipment. I currently own two 8lb. weights, a resistance band, and hope to have an Ab wheel in a couple weeks. I also bought a length of rope to tie around the tree in my back yard for cushioning.

    I only just found your videos, but my question is; How can a person train themselves using only the most basic (cheapest) items, and also when they have absolutely no one to train with?

  6. Luis Enrique says:

    Thank you, master. Today I was about to get mugged and the creep got in range and just do this. As hard I can. Total success. I take him out, tottally KO unconscious, and I was able to get away unharmed.

    My hands still hurt and are sored, but I thank you master. Regards from Mexico.

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