How to Use the Spin and the Twirl for Knife Dexterity Drill | LEGACY OF STEEL

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20 thoughts on “How to Use the Spin and the Twirl for Knife Dexterity Drill | LEGACY OF STEEL

  1. Sanguiluna says:

    I also remember being taught that when switching to reverse grip, try to make it so that the point is not directly facing you during the spinning movement just in case you get rushed mid-switch.

  2. Rex Hydro says:

    Nice video! I like your comment telling people to be civilized and no nonesense :). I always wanted to learn how to play around with knives and this will really help me. Thanks!

  3. FlyingAxblade says:

    my people who come to my outdoors kwoon just seem to go for throwing & fancy weapons (staves & swords & some few for battle-ax). i feel i am very safe here with my rubber crkt's & homemade wood daggers for drills on a "heavy" bag with a 3 ft chain. is there a way,other than me showing off, to get them interested in in-fighting techniques? i'm getting rusty with knives (although I can hit a gnat now with my axes). ps some of my bruddies are fantastic specialists, just unwilling to fight.

  4. Grudgenaught says:

    whats with the intro?it feels like a PBS fishing intro lol…well done, these are very good beginner techniques for the person just starting to get a feel for that new knife or for the vets that have been using knifes at work or in the field for 30 years like myself…well done again and keep up the good work 🙂

  5. horrorfan13666 says:

    Thanks for this video. I am a knife collector and enthusiast, and for a long time have been self-teaching with respect to knife grips and transitions. I must say, these drills are massive improvements over some of my current techniques. Sure, mine may look faster or flashier, but with these I can place the knife in the exact same position in my hand almost 100% of the time, which I could not claim with my self-taught techniques. Thanks again 🙂

  6. PaladinPress says:

    Please keep comments intelligent, on topic and constructive.
    Please watch the entire video and listen to what is being said before making a comment. We welcome constructive criticism. That means if you do not agree, please offer what you would do differently and why. The value in opposing opinions is that we all can learn even more from constructive discourse. But it must be civil.
    If you cannot conduct yourself in an adult-manner, you will not be tolerated.

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