How to Use the Ninjuto | Ninjutsu Lessons



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15 thoughts on “How to Use the Ninjuto | Ninjutsu Lessons

  1. Jay moh says:

    The Ninjato literally has no historical basis. It is a sword made up by Hollywood and no more.

    Furthermore, this is literally not a Ninjato. It is a Katana.

  2. X Infinity says:

    For once I agree with him. But that technique will require a lot of skill, good timing, and sharp reflexes. So basically it's hard to master. Teach somethings easier for beginners

  3. umaryu says:

    Nujuto – made me laugh – Ninjato is the correct term. I watched shuriken and kusarigama. Both littered like this video with useless info. For a 10th dan he is not that knowledgeable.
    People say why does everyone attacked the Bujinkan, this video and the others are a good example why

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