How To Use The Karambit Knife – Hook & Destroy

The Karambit knife is becoming more popular in the U.S. thanks to Doug Marcaida as one of the pioneer to spearhead the knife through training with various …

19 thoughts on “How To Use The Karambit Knife – Hook & Destroy

  1. earthdog1961 says:

    I've been teaching these same techniques with both fixed blades and lock-blade packet knives for over thirty years. The karambit may have a slightly better hooking ability, but as it is recognized more as a "fighting knife" than a "common pocket knife", in Florida (as well as many other states), the carry and use of such a knife would fall under the "concealed weapons" statutes and would require special licensing least one would be arrested for the use and possession of such a weapon.

  2. ItalianBrownsFAN says:

    Just my 2 cents… won’t work in real life. Anyone who has wrestled. Which will be a lot of people in the US. People don’t let you hold them like that. Unless you have major Popeye forearm grip

  3. Ron Chong says:

    FYI i lost twice to a 2 man mugger team one is always armed with a gun who knows how to keep his distance from me when he noticed iam not as spooked as their usual victims these guys probably watch videos like this as well bec. the other guy was immediately searching my pockets for a weapon, yes I was even robbed of my karambit. bad guys know everything these days its a real challenge on the streets.

  4. Ron Chong says:

    its true that its entirely different on the streets, I have been on a real life holdup situation 5 times facing against up to 4 mugger's all at once. in a life or death moment usually the most basic moves are the one's being used as you can't think that well with all that adrenaline in your head "combat high" & its fast pace like everything just flashes by you.

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