How To Use the Dart Knife | Doug Marcaida

Get the Dart Knife: (Shirt: Shout out to my friends in the Philippine Military!)

22 thoughts on “How To Use the Dart Knife | Doug Marcaida

  1. Nathan says:

    Anybody know what sweater Doug is wearing? I've also seem him wear a different one in the past, with the uncentered zipper and a red emblem on the right arm. Does anyone know where I can get either of them?

  2. TheNightShirt says:

    Does Doug have any plans to expanding to Brazil? I know a LOT of people here that want to learn how to fight with/against a knife and our only option here is basically Krav Maga. Because of the UFC almost all gyms now have martial artist trainers. BJJ is surprisingly popular along with kick box, muay thai, boxe and others, so Kali has easily the potential to make a class full within no time.

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