12 thoughts on “How To Use the Dart Knife Doug Marcaida

  1. Neal Valero says:

    This works with somebody who knows what you know but most people don't, they are not into energy. In the street you need to do things in seconds 1 2 3 and that's all you got.

  2. Goran Linic says:

    Well…I had the knife for 3 years now.
    It's a great blade overall bit i did get some up and down movement because of the liner lock kind of bending a bit.
    So overall my opinion is that it would be best to use another kind of lock on it….like a Tri-ad maybe.
    It would make the knife nearly perfect.
    I sharpened thw blade once….a year ago.
    It is not a hard user….but it did it's job.
    Still reasonably sharp….shaves paper.

  3. Bad computers says:

    I really like the Idea, and I really like tantos but I would personally use their karambit. The reason Why is because I just don't think theres enough blade for me I don't know if this would apply to anyone else but if i'm using a tanto I want to use a big tanto because if I'm using a tanto that means i'm in like some fight where I have to kill the person, with the karambit I feel like I have other options I can use it a joint locking devise or a impact weapon or as a better cutting devise in a way I may not have to kill the person. But this is just my own idea I love both of the blade styles and ideas and they can all hurt and kill.

  4. Nishant Bagade says:

    Not even one of the four DART XT knives (2 Black and 2 Pink) that I purchased could pass the standard paper sheet cutting test. I own knives by a lot of knife makers. Never have I had trouble with those knives.The E in the WIRES stands for EDC. What is the point in having the E there if it can't cut properly ?
    A classic example of a brilliant design, brilliantly messed up by a so called great knife manufacturer. (FOX knives).
    This design has a great potential. Doug Marcaida designed it really well. When you pull out this knife from your pocket, it opens up instantly. The Wave feature on this knife is better than the one on Emerson knives.
    However, there are certain things that can't be overlooked.
    1. The steel liner ( both in the Black and Pink versions) that acts as the liner lock is at the same level with the opposite liner. This makes disengaging the liner lock a chore. However, this is not a problem in neither of the two Orange Trainer versions. The liners in that are at a different levels and thus disengaging the lock is not a pain.
    2. The TORX screws on three out of the four live blades wore out the very first time I tried to disassemble them. A real shame when you pay $158 for Black version and $99 for the Pink version. I haven't had this problem with my Kershaw , Spyderco, Steel will, Benchmade , Gerber and other knives that I own. A lot of us don't really care about warranty. We just prefer opening up our knives and cleaning them.
    FOX knives should take a lesson or two in sharpening their blades from American , German, Japanese or even Chinese knifemakers. Also, they should use quality hardware that matches upto the reputation they have.
    The funny thing is that I ordered four of the live blades plus two trainers. A side effect of watching Tacticool videos on Youtube, I believe.
    Be prepared to sharpen the knife when you buy it. Otherwise, you would be paying $158 for a blade that feels great in hand, opens up instantly but can barely cut paper, cardboard or cucumber for that matter. Remember the E in WIRES. Cheers.

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