How To Use The 599 FOX Karambit Knife With Doug Marcaida | Part 2 of 4

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21 thoughts on “How To Use The 599 FOX Karambit Knife With Doug Marcaida | Part 2 of 4


    Hi, I want to get a trainer karambit, but if i do then I can't get real karambit. I live in a really knife-tight area where I don't think you can carry them around. I believe the trainer would be a sufficient blunt edge weapon. Does anybody think that would work?

  2. Surya Bimantara .S says:

    This knife is make your target can dead slowly. and before the death your target can feel painful fight. function of this karambit/kerambit is slashing muscle movers in your target body, so your target can't use their hands and feet for do something. even in can't use their feet to stand up and hands to raise up. And in Indonesia just a great Martial Artist who's using this for play with their targets.

  3. projecto maker says:

    These are great vids. i carry a fixed (sheathed) karambit style blade ( blade is curved like a regular folding blade, but has the same structure) and i now know a better way to use it. i know how to be more flexible with it. A karabit style blade are what i recommend using (opionion for some time). I have most of the majority of carry style knives, but i am the most flexible with this one. Love it alot

  4. Tedulous says:

    I've been watching a lot of these and I just have a weird question. Let's say for some reason the guy comes at you with kicks, like for some stupid reason he has a weapon in hand but decided to kick, how would a kali practitioner approach that? I know it's an unlikely scenario or maybe it isnt I really dont know

  5. Alessio Yautja says:

    Big thanks to Doug for showing us his skills and a BIG thanks for his assistants, getting dragged, thrown around and poked all day to help a man make a point might be frustrating at times but really helps us amateurs understand the physics involved with these kinds of defences. And a final thanks to GN for helping bring it all to us ^^

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