How To Use The 599 FOX Karambit | Episode 1 | Doug Marcaida

44 thoughts on “How To Use The 599 FOX Karambit | Episode 1 | Doug Marcaida

  1. YeOldeScience says:

    Ok. I like a lot of what I've seen so far on Funker Tactical. But several things suggested in this video will just get you killed. One physical experience trumps 1000 expert opinions. And my experience, limited as it may be says, fights don't work out that way.

  2. Max D. says:

    Hey, Doug, I'm a lefty, and so I'd be using this knife in my left hand, but the weapon is designed to hook onto my right pocket. How would you recommend that I store this karambit in my left pocket to ensure that I can still effectively whip it out and flip out the blade?

  3. Dudsen Thead says:

    The common problem when flailing a karambit is it's catchable by the grip, so don't do it unless your enemy is under control or in submission hold…. in that way you can harm him without lacerating!!!

  4. B Epps says:

    I've been looking to get a folding karambit. And I like the idea of the pressure point manipulation with the blade closed. That's the main reason I want a folder. But my concern is with the Emerson wave feature. That's great for quick deployment, but wouldn't the "wave" impale your finger upon impact if striking with it while closed?

  5. Trinitro phenylnitramine says:

    Knife manufacturers should really start making trainer versions of their knives and just sell them paired up with the actual knife. I'm tired of training twice just to get the same level of skill I attained with a trainer. What a waste of time.

  6. Balazs Tornavolgyi says:

    Good video but I wouldn't use the flipping in a real combat situation, cause it makes you extra vulnerable for a possible disarming, and not recommended as an impact weapon (by flipping) with it's only 100g weight because the damage you can cause is absolutely futile, in a leather jacket he wouldn't even feel that, slashing with only one finger in the ring can break your finger just from the blade getting caught in the opponents clothing. Flipping with a karambit is nice show-off before friends and looks good in the movie, but there is no place for it in a real combat.

  7. Landon Merchant says:

    That's not your "mcp" (metacarpal phalangeal joint) 4:00. Those are your pip and dips (proximal interphalangeal joint and distal interphalangeal joint)

    That thing doesn't weigh more than half a pound. Whatever you're doing at 7:00 is pointless and you're better off throwing a real punch.

    In a actual fight your adrenaline will be up and all dexterity will be lost. You should just stick to holding the knife the way it's designed to be held.

    I don't like this because you are putting people at risk of being hurt in a real fight with these flashy moves that are impossible to effectively use. They just need to use their common sense on the most stable way to use a knife.

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