How to use – Swedish FireSteel 2.0 & Swedish FireKnife

Swedish FireSteel 2.0®: The ultimate way to light a fire in any weather. Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, our legendary Swedish …

22 thoughts on “How to use – Swedish FireSteel 2.0 & Swedish FireKnife

  1. kskufan says:

    where can u find this… as far as I can tell it seems to be two different products that she is showing off but now when I go to purchase it it is under the one name of Light My Fire

  2. 1978ajax says:

    It can't just be me – I fall around laughing at every one of the vids in this series. It's something to do with the accent, and that veneer of no-nonsense, ultra-hygienic, matronly manner, covering the chipboard of something else entirely.
    '… and zen you can heff a ferry long-lasting knife. Wid sparks .'
    And they say the Swedish have no sense of humour.
     Do have a look at the SPORK video.

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