9 thoughts on “How to Use Return to Sender in Knife Combat | 21st CENTURY KNIFE COMBAT

  1. P Winn says:

    Lol Lets just say you give too many secrets away!By far the most efficient techniques most instructors would not show but rather promoting disarms or catch the naked blade! Lets face it if you manage to have both hands in contact with knife hand why want to have your prints on his knife or let the knife drop to the floor? The only other superior technique is to run– and come back with an equaliser! And the paper tigers on here LMAO Different variations to what i know but nicely shown. Respect

  2. 1111 22222 says:

    Constructive criticism here, in the end he was within reach of his knife, controlling that weapon should be the first priority, and also never attack an unarmed opponent with a knife ( that's murder ) and unless you can get a fast moving knife users hand this is useless, usually defanging the snake is too risky because if he slips his hand free taking it back really cuts up the arm. I would suggest using a lock on the shoulder to do a type of arm takedown then IMMEDIATELY GET THE KNIFE

  3. PaladinPress says:

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