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Red dots are becoming more and more popular as both the prices are coming down and manufactures are making the slides ready to add a red dot sight. In this …

42 thoughts on “How to use Red Dot Optics on Pistols | Tactical Rifleman

  1. Benjamin Carmichael says:

    I have a public question, I have just a simple 9mm Glock 45 Gen 5
    I am trying to find a good rail mount and laser/light combo and holster to fit it with the attachment.
    My current holster won't support one.
    So if anybody can give me some recommendations, I'd be much obliged.

  2. bENNQ111 says:

    So i heard this multiple times now and aparently i am using my iron sights wrong. I always focus on the target and the sight picture just apears when i bring up my pistol. Now is that an issue or is that a way around the tunnel vision on the front sight?

  3. HSPM Huits says:

    I am not a fan of optics on pistols. They have their place obviously, if your handgun is your main. But my primary is a rifle and I don't need a dot on my backup. The benefits are small compared to the use I have for my pistol. Though it is also a lack of proper training. My training options are severely limited.

  4. Jed says:

    I really like my 1911. Who in middle Tn would be someone to trust to have them place one on mine? Thanks and may our great Elohim watch over you!

  5. Ryan Peck says:

    I personally love the 2moa dot on my Holosun 507c ….you can turn the brightness up and the bloom will increase the relative size of the dot…also with my slight astigmatism its about 3-4moa. I find the 6moa dots to be too big, especially with brightness up enough in case i need my weapon light.
    The 32 moa circle with dot option on the Holosun is great for learning how to pick up the dot on the draw

  6. BlackConservative says:

    The FN 509 MRDs has one of the best red dot mounting systems on the market. You don’t have to use locktite and it will maintain zero and stay in place. 700 rounds through mine and it hasn’t loosened..I’m running a Leupold DPP

  7. Jason Dalton says:

    Hey Pete!!! I bought some great Aero handguards from your business recently! Really impressed how you run your shop and really appreciate you. No idea you and Karl work together. Small world! Great vid too.

  8. MP H says:

    Tactical Rifleman videos are like chasing a beautiful woman: after spending time with them, you find yourself shelling out another couple hundred dollars…and liking it!

  9. Josh says:

    I like my 3 Moa dot from Trijicon, I can increase the brightness and artificially make my dot larger to increase the MOA. Works great.

    Also when zeroing it, make the dot as “dim” as possible to get the smallest dot for accuracy.

  10. Alex Duke says:

    As Aaron Cowan at Sage Dynamics puts it. "Learn to embrace the wabble" if your looking for more info on handgun RDS good channel has a wealth of knowledge to help expand this video!

  11. Mateo EnFuego says:

    Honest, accurate, and intelligent information is why I follow Tactical Rifleman!! It’s comforting listening to killers who talk in a gentle soft spoken voice..!! Oh, and Karl’s hair too!!

  12. Peter Southern Boy says:

    I do not have a red dot on my EDC, but I have one on both home defense carbine and pistol, along with rail mounted lights. The red dot is a real and legit advantage. Speaking for myself, I found after quite a bit of practice that I eventually found myself shooting at close quarter ranges with both eyes open. It became a natural thing after awhile and it made me faster. On my home defense AR carbine I run an Eotech XPS and a 2K lumen rail light, and I run a Trijicon RMR and a 600 lumen rail light on my Glock 41. I change out batteries every year whether they need it or not. I run the Trijicon HD Night Sights on my EDC.

  13. charlie.g.hague says:

    Hey Karl. Just wanna say a sincere "thank you" to all the Tactical Rifleman team for everything you guys do. Unfortunately, my parents house burned down in Oregon a few days ago from the wildfires out there. Good news is that they are fine but house is lost. I did manage to set them up with a nice bug out bag and other gear a while back that they are now using. Your videos inspired me to do that so just want to say thanks for all the info you guys put out. It really helps.

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