40 thoughts on “How to Use Kicks Against a 6’7” Tall Attacker

  1. rodctenis says:

    Great video. Actually in a situation like that is better hit first and hit hard the knee. If the fight is unavoidable, you better hit first. A good kick breaks the external ligaments and is quite painful, event that giant would fall.

  2. david Sam says:

    Hi Nick, thanks for this video …I am only 5ft7" done bit of boxing, so is muai thai a good art for learning those kicks against a bigger opponent for me…? thanks

  3. Joe Oliver says:

    Any fight should involve continual evaluation of the situation. Some of you seem to think that the scenario will play out exactly as depicted on the video…that's your mistake. Nick has simply given you another option that you can put in your tool bag and use if the opportunity presents itself. Saying that this won't work or that won't work is just talking for the sake of talking.  I've seen guys throw fast/slow punches, big guys who crumble easily, small guys who are tough and won't go down, you name it.  On the street, you won't be able to watch fight tapes of the next person who's going to attack you so all you can do is learn techniques that will help you when the time comes. Thanks Nick, keep up the good work!!

  4. Soundsantara says:

    awesome tutorial mate! but what if the taller guy throw some kicks too? for example when his left leg is nearer to you and ure trying to reach the nearest which is his left leg, but his right leg suddenly whoos towards your body or head?
    tq very much mate!

  5. alfa-psi says:

    Sorry but this is ridiculous. Your opponent always stayed at a distance without any valid reason. He could have simply charged you through those puny kicks and make a meatball of you.

  6. Lothar Peeters says:

    +Nick Drossos can you make a video of how you just do a random fight. You don't know what's coming. A little bit like sparring. Theo we can see how you can do everything and what you should do when you don't expect for something That is incoming. That would be great.

  7. S0M4LIA says:

    No offense, im an amateur boxer and I don't think the attacker would punch that slow giving you the amount of time to throw that many kicks, I guess most people aren't trained boxers but they'd still throw random fast sparodic hits making it hard to throw accurate kicks dude.

  8. Aaron Anderson says:

    Looks like Wing Chun mixed with some Muay Thai. Inside check Thai and the trap Wing Chun.

    My question is… When you do the trap, your doing it with the leg that's in chamber (almost like a karate kick). When I practice Wing Chun on my Mook Yan Jong my trap always comes from the lead leg and not from chamber which makes it a lot faster because its the closest weapon I have to the target.

    Also, when you throw the trap, you could make their knee collapse if you would connect with the inside of their knee and not the outside. The outside is the most strongest. In my Shotokan school and Muay Thai class we strengthen the outside of our knees and shin (and yes we do the inside check as well which strengthens the inside) but the inside is still much weaker and therefore (as I'm told that is) a better place to connect.

    Kicking the inside will also throw off their center and make them take a knee (which is funny as hell in class btw to see someone drop to a knee lol) which also should be priority when fighting an opponent that's much taller than you. You want to bring them down to size and immobilize them so that you have the higher ground. I'm not saying what your doing is wrong by no means. Your ways seem to be effective so do whatcha do 😀 I'm just doing this to compare techniques. I've found the best way to train is to watch others and take their knowledge and combine what they know with what you know.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've never thrown a trap with my chambered leg.
     Osu/Qing and whatever Thai people say lol

  9. Nicholas Meyers says:

    Nick, I don't think it makes sense to throw more than one kick at that range prior to crashing in and bridging the gap with a progressive close in range – especially the hook kick; it may be the closest leg to you but he's a big dude and you're still fighting him in his range in this scenario and then trying to punch with him – that doesn't make sense. At some point he's gonna hit you because it's a fight. Hmmn. . .What do you think of intercepting? Maybe in conjunction with a gunting and a low-line hit or opening a line on a high line to hit? Nice stop kicks. 

  10. Sensei Andrew says:

    What if he starts kicking low too?  How do you block kicks against someone big like this?  Esp if he has martial arts training?  Is there a different way to block kicks other than the way you showed in your older video "How To Block Kicks in a Street Fight"?       

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