How to use kick in street fight ✅ Lesson 1



How to use kick in street fight ✅ Lesson 1 For a FREE Wing Chun Programme, Click Here: Have you ever felt like you’ve been a victim of …

38 thoughts on “How to use kick in street fight ✅ Lesson 1

  1. Andrew Morgan says:

    I remember once in a situation I had in a student bar, I threw a round kick counter while wearing shoes into someone's lower abdomen and with my toes brought in instead of striking with my shin or instep. It doubled him up and took the wind right out of him thus fortunately ending the fight quickly before anyone could get injured but looking back to that and the hard sparring I was doing at the time I find it works well for me when someone is stepping back on the break or trying to create room that its a good time to throw a round kick as they're less focused on defending it or catching the leg.

  2. Reuben Raya says:

    My Wing Chun Sensei from the Bronx told me to NEVER use kicks in a street fight. He only said that because a kick can be used to throw off ones balance more so than a punch or elbow.

  3. Giuseppe Jan Jaguar says:

    I like martial arts so much, but in where I live they don't train seriously.. Just amateurs compared to what I see on this channel.

    I used to practice Kung Fu, I still remember some basic kicks including Roundhouse (sometimes followed Back Kick), Front Kick, Axe Kick (almost 170 degrees angel high), Side Kick, Crescent Kick, Double Front Kicks, Flying side Kick (but clumsy now), Roundhouse 360 jumping kick.

    And last is the Spinning Demon from Tekken 😀 (which you severely twist your back and hips as you focus on your left leg while it is slightly bend as you do the spin from right to left 360 dgrees to then launch with the other leg a low kick near the end of the spin).. So Far I can do only one spin.

    Some of these kicks self taught (Axe Kick, Flying side Kick, Spinning Demon).

    I don't know how to jump back flip. =)

  4. Terry Nichols says:

    Master Wong, Deception is the element of surprise. Constant practice of feints/perrys switch stance, creates confusion (that's telegraphed!!!!) So read it! It's like a flashing green light(the face changes, body language adj or quiver all in a couple blinks of the eye) Now even a simple sloppy attack/counter will Injure/knock em out!

  5. Al Lan says:

    That guy is right. Telegraphing a kick or a punch can be noticed and i think only trained and conditioned in fighting individuals will notice this unlike regular untrained, unknowledgeable and unprepared individuals. Will not.

  6. Brian Deriemacker says:

    You Have to feel Real Confident and Comfortable in jeans/pants and be proficient in aiming a kick to a man's head!!!! The more direct and fast a kick is,The Better!!! I would Rather aim a kick to the knee or upper thigh to stop a Man coming towards me,It takes no time at all

  7. Rodney Ives Collen says:

    Contrary to dumb popular opinion that you can't kick in a street fight, I believe that kicks are very useful and applicable in any street fight. Front kick, side kick, roundhouse kick, oblique kick, etc. It all just depends on your skill level. If you're skilled enough in kicking, then you can definitely manage to create some damage with your kicks; but if your kicking sucks, then that's the time you can't kick in a street fight.

  8. Gaataan Jeniets says:

    I look at training as practicing your action/reaction, A real fight is diffrent but by training you learn yourself to react, But real fights are unpredictable, @MasterWong Would sparring get you at the real deal or it's still to much controlled ?

  9. Al Lan says:

    The Front kick shown at the beginning looks pretty good. But you should watch some of Muay Thai's fend-off kick.

    Done by having your left feet firmly planted flat on the ground. Angled outwards to your left. Then your right leg out to the opponent's stomach. Done with a bit of an angled lean forward to put some weight and extra push power. If you're a right leg kicker.

    But i think always look up and never let your guard up over your head off and always be alert. In case the opponent throws hard straights to your face as you are on the motion of doing it. Opponent could be one step ahead and intercepts your move and before you can even lift the bottom half of your leg from the knee joint. Kind of event. He connects his punches and you're down KO'ed is possible.

    I've watched a Muay Thai competition with younger females and older. The kicker tried the kick and the opponent threw multiple straight punches and the blows hit the kicker on the face and head the kicker couldn't do the kick to full effect and as a result received blows.

  10. Amazonasia says:

    Dear watching from Pakistan and ur the really master . could u please tell me how to make arms get strong, what should i do for that to get strong arms .
    Ghafar ali

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