In this video Nick Drossos and Helen Stranzl are showing how to use an umbrella as an improvised weapon against a knife.Subscribe to Nick Drossos: …

24 thoughts on “How to use an UMBRELLA AGAINST A KNIFE ATTACK!

  1. Dan says:

    @1:07 – In the real world, is someone going to have a joust/ sword fight with an umbrella when they have a knife? Or will they laugh, stiff-arm the umbrella like a football player, and have the knife 6" deep, in your stomach?
    …Maybe Nick can use an Umbrella, but most people probably can't.
    It is still an entertaining video.

  2. Brian West says:

    make sense to me using common things of course one thing people have to remember a weapon especially knife is meant to be felt not seen. although when I was bouncing I always told the other balancers if you see me go for the fire extinguisher you know there's either a fire or the s*** just hit the fan LOL like I told them a fire extinguisher is a blunt weapon, mace, and it takes your breath away. so it gives you that distance.

  3. tim gersh says:

    again the person learning this is not a ninja, so what happens is somebody pulls out a knife than you think oh well this is how i fight back against it and the guy with the knife cuts into you because your not a ninja. If a guy pulls a knife on me then well they win because no amount is worth getting killed or even hurt for

  4. Keisha Cutshall says:

    I thank u and Helen for putting up these videos… where u said in this one u know if it was an actual knife attack u would get cut… might y'all do a video with the markers where it shows how u got stapped? I have seen u one before(I think)…reading different comments on different
    videos(not just yours lol) people r like if it's a woman they can take her down… so I think it would be interesting to show just cause it is a woman doesn't mean anything

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