32 thoughts on “How To Use A Police Baton

  1. Adam Splittah says:

    I love how all his videos use completely trained perfect attacks that he supposedly tries to teach you to defend against…11 times out of 10 the person is going to come at you erratically and just simply trying to kill you regardless of weapon. No technique will be employed

  2. Rukus Fan says:

    any and all have merit, the variety is for specific application, unique evolution, but always focuses on hand fighting. Rather than negatively criticize, they should learn 3 different styles, then they will perhaps understand … all knowledge contributes to wisdom and actualization.

  3. Steven Lehnherr says:

    Doug I have much respect for you and all your different techniques , watching you demonstrate certain techniques timing skills that can make the difference , you always have the advantage I am very very impressed ,God bless you Always ! Sincerely, Steven Lehnherr

  4. Alessio Yautja says:

    Big thanks to Doug for sharing his expert advice and a big thanks to his assistants and the cameraman, who's name I do not know at this time. I am always so pleased when people with a passion for something come together to help explain it to others, truly it is the greatest privilege and joy to be a teacher of something you love.

  5. Michael Santos says:

    I guess, you know the martial arts principles as a practitioner or not. Respect is one of the key ingredients in obtaining harmony among other styles of combat. Where are you at? No offense to those people whose giving a comment that doesn't know what he's saying and doesn't know the philosophy behind it, please just keep it to yourself guys. Thanks

  6. Walloon says:

    Doug Marcaida is a joke! If he is really that great he would appear behind me and slam my face onto my keyboarlkjwrionv fioshnhiuqoi9043 u5r0847589yrjskfnkioewjfoih

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