How to use a machete, Machete Use and Grip-

How to properly hold and utilize a machete in reference to grip. Machetes used: Condor Carbon Steel …

24 thoughts on “How to use a machete, Machete Use and Grip-

  1. BigDogJunction says:

    Excellent info/technique. My first experience with a machete, put my shoulder out of use for a week. I stumbled on this, looking for reviews. Thanks for making an informative short and sweet video (incl. the "gory details") of improper and proper swing/grip.

  2. WonderWanker says:

    this seems like common sense. no one ever taught me how to use a machete, yet it just seemed natural to hold it like you do in the video, loosely and all. i have that condor outback machete and it's the bomb.

  3. HataAlla says:

    i have a question, i´ve been looking arond on your website (which is the most helpful online webshop i´ve been to btw, thanks for that!) and i am very interessed in the condor bolo machete, but no where can i find if its full-tang or not?

    and then there is another question the carbon steel one or the carbon stainless? 😀

    Thanks for teaching us who are not machete specialists 😉

  4. pantera677 says:

    las ampollas siempre te van a salir no importa el metodo de agarre ade mas es mejor agarralo firme por que el machete sienpre rebota y puedes herirte…… saludos desde mexico…..

  5. Dynikus says:

    lmao "because if this machete goes flying into your foot or your thigh, it's going to impede the performance of your machete"
    yeah.. because impeding machete performance is the most of our concerns if it flies into our foot or thigh.

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