How to Use a Long Blade in Knife Combat | 21st CENTURY KNIFE COMBAT

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5 thoughts on “How to Use a Long Blade in Knife Combat | 21st CENTURY KNIFE COMBAT

  1. Jay Harvey says:

    Wow. This guy is amazing. He is lightening fast but what I like is he is giving follw-up or follow through to each move. Whether you are a practitioner of his style or not- all his moves make sense. I'm going to ad this video to my "home study".

  2. Evan Hughes says:

    Great video. Seems extreamly practical and quick to implenent. I practice a praying mantis system (Wahlum) so my instincts would be to use the empty hand a lot more in controling the oponent before counter striking, but the tactic of moving off line and cutting the arm seems like a universaly good idea. Do you usually recommend staying at a longer range with a knife or is closing the gap equily valuable in your eyes?

  3. PaladinPress says:

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