How to Use a Knife



Ben Orford shows you eight safe knife grips for general woodwork and carving. For more information on tools or if you have any other questions please visit: …

45 thoughts on “How to Use a Knife

  1. William Prendergast says:

    Another excellent video.Just proves when you know the basics of knives and wood you can do or make anything,brilliant.I'm guessing you're a Deer stalker,i noticed the deer hide hanging over the chair,I'm guessing Roe deer.A lot of those grips and cuts are used in field dressing game.Stay safe.

  2. Paolo Buffa says:

    Nice video, a useful and complete guide.

    Allow me to add an advice on the attention that must be paid while handling a potentially lethal tool, to that slight shiver down your back that often prevents you from hurting yourself, or being a risk to others.

    I offer advice to beginners, and I find it useful to practice with wooden knives, to mimic the gestures to do then in practice.

    Finally, please update the site name:

    Thank you!

  3. Buukowski says:

    Ben, that was an awesome video on the techniques of safely handling a knife with you're eight grips. I learned a lot of valuable information and plan on watching this video over and over until I can master your techniques. Thank you.

  4. halibutification says:

    Hi Ben, just subscribed and became a fan of you, learned a lot thanks… But most of the time I use my knife in bushcraft is in outdoors, where I dont have a chair to sit on straight… I'd say it is also important how you sit, and perform those actions..!!

  5. Thomas Holmes says:

    Ben, I am new to the world of Bushcraft and I have just recently found your channel but I have discovered a wealth of knowledge here already. This video especially has been very informative and helpful, thank you Sir and God Bless.

  6. Dexusta says:

    I didn't had a knife, I had a folding knife.
    And I didn't have a hard childhood, at all; but I know from my father what a hard life is. My father didn't share shoes, for most of his childhood he didn't even wore them. He and his friends made their own "knives" out of scraps of metal and bullets (remains from spanish civil war).
    Anyway, I appreciate this video intentions but I feel it is a bit like selling "common sense". And that worries me, as "experts advice" are not a replacement for that.

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