How to Use a Knife for Self Defense

Self-Defense ▻ Rubber Knife ▻ In this video, we show you how to use a knife for …

31 thoughts on “How to Use a Knife for Self Defense

  1. R. M. says:

    I wouldnt do that. I would just savagelly attack his neck when he gets distracted or I would throw something in his eyes and go straight tlfor the neck. One single knife to the neck, cutting his artery, will make him drop to the floor in less than 5 seconds. The amount of blood getting out of his neck Will be so intense that he will be in a state of shock before losing conscious. ONE single knife full hit to the neck and the game is over. He Will be dead in less than a minute.

  2. jdssurf says:

    Most attackers are chicken shit scum, not trained fighters. Most of the time they will say fuck this. Most of you act like these criminals are tactical trained fighters. It's usually some ghetto ass tweakers paranoid of everything.

  3. jdssurf says:

    I'm so tired of ppl in the forums saying a knife is not good for self defense. If a couple guys got me down, I've seen these types of scum, you pull a knife and hav a good grip on it, make some slices on them, most of the time they are getting the fk back. You guys can say all you want, a knife is better than nothing. If you know how to use it. If you use one, you better have some skills how to defend against one, in case they get ahold of it, same with a pistol.

  4. iiBloodHunter says:

    Thanks for the video great info I've been really concerned with home defense lately neighborhood I live in is usually quiet but there's been increasing amount of gunshots & I just want to be prepared. Hope for the best prepare for the worst!

  5. Thanos Vlachos says:

    HEY KIDS  we  are talkin about real self defense situations not fighting with  your friend …….if someone puts out knife   I  put out fucking gun and shoot him to th head  bitches  assholes

  6. Venus Athena says:

    Great video, I only look at extreme options because I'm disabled. I'm in a wheelchair and have no strength, i got jumped one time and they used pepper spray. thankfully someone drive by after leaving the gym, and he scared them off an helped till the police came. but now, I don't want to be afraid to go live my life.

  7. jperkey7089 says:

    I forget what country it is but I heard they actually TRAIN THE YOUTH IN SCHOOL TO USE A FIREARM! When they turn 16 they can buy 1 & carry it,ALSO they all have to go to the army or some branch of service for a part of their school,BUT If u libtards look at their crime rate it's almost ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's that tell u??? a little discipline & respect & KNOWLEDGE on firearms goes a LONG way!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Michael P says:

    Why not protect the weapon by going low and moving up?

    Duck down and move towards the attacker, like you are going for a wresting take down and aim for the legs.

    If the criminal does not have a weapon, his only weapons for offense will be his arms and hands, and his only weapons for defense will be his legs

    Go down and move into his legs. wrap one arm around one leg while stabbing upwards with the other hand that the knife is in.

    The attacker now has no choice but to defend the knife attack from you, but since you are below his arms stabbing upwards (into his legs or groin or stomach), his only defense will be with his hands, and the first thing his hands will hit is your knife blade because you are stabbing upwards from below his hands

    Going for a standing-up and forward-thrusting stab leaves you a bit too vulnerable. You dont want the criminal to be able to grab anything of yours except the knife blade

    You can never protect yourself from a stronger attacker by using your weak arm to hold him back while you stab him in a forward thrusting motion.

    The idea here should be self defense, not an assumption of the victims strengthin order to get the upper hand.

    In this case, the weapon is the only upper hand, and assuming you can hold the attacker back with your weaker arm (if you have the knife in your stronger arm, but either way. lets say "one arm" instead for arguments sake) is not a realistic thing to assume.

    the goal is to reduce the attackers ability to attack you, NOT to protect the knife from the attacker

    Reducing the attackers ability to attack you creates that second part.

    Go in low, stab up and slice across, while puching inot the attacker, and the atacker now has to worry about his injuries in addition to attacking you, and the second you cut him means he has lost his primary focus

    THEN, you stand up and follow the instructions in the video

    If you end up on the ground while puching and stabbing into the attacker, then aim for a little above the hips, and come in and stab in wide angles. If the atacker blocks your attempt, and you are beneath him and he is on top of you, bite his face. When you do so, his hands are going to go to his face or to your face. When that happens, repeat the hip stabbing motions

    This is all only if the attacker does not have a weapon of his own, by the way

    Anyway, thats my 2 cents 🙂

  9. MaxDe Ice says:

    im gonna be honest nick, I dont think this is a good technique here in this vid. you are placing your head there waaay too forward close to your opponent. dont you see your opponent's fist there close to your chin? anyone who knows how to fight and where to hit will know that you are the one who's gonna lying on the floor passed out, eventho you have a knife there in your hand

  10. WedgieNinja says:

    You can see the seriousness on Nick's face, that this is a very dangerous and last resort option. And that he takes teaching this seriously because lives depend on it, you can tell he didn't want to do it but It's called for because these situations strike you outta nowhere faster than an RKO.

  11. Liger1 says:

    Now I want liberals to teach us how to use a knife to defend yourself against someone who broke into your house and has an illegal gun bought from the black market.

  12. B. Si says:

    I've been waiting for this for a long time .. I understand that it's a final option .. but at least I need to know how to use it if I have to.. thank you

  13. Clevername209 says:

    Wouldn't it be a high risk for someone not used to wielding a knife that the person accidentally cuts him/herself instead when it's kept so close? Also I've read a lot about people talking about how gruesome and absolutely traumatizing and horrific even using a knife on someone in a last resort self defense scenario is. It's so close and you'll see all the damage you do and all the blood. Have also heard about people trying to use weapons, but not being able to because of moral objections, and then having their own weapon used against them as an effect. Maybe just something that's also important to touch here. If you have to use it as a last resort and are gonna use it. You need to be committed. You can't hesitate.

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