How To Use A Knife For Self Defense: Into The Fray Episode 172



Self-defense with a knife is complicated. Mike Janich of Martial Blade Concepts provides some very good explanations about how and when to use your knife to …

22 thoughts on “How To Use A Knife For Self Defense: Into The Fray Episode 172

  1. Young Alfred says:

    Tho only reason why I’m watching this is cuz my brother got shot 2 times and I’m 11 he got shot for hanging around bloods he only 19 there’s only one way to do this and that is learning how to use a knife cuz one day I will find the person who shot my brother and I will shank them.

  2. Alex Haubold says: This makes me very upset, in a free country where you have the right to bear arms, they pull this. You should invest in USSCA, I recommend that company to anyone. How to protect yourself legally in New Word Order United States, regardless of what FEMA region you live in. Shoot only if your life depends on it, try get away first. Call 911 first to identify yourself as the victim. If you have to interact with the new world nazis, first call identify yourself as the victim, apply first aid and put your gun away, this makes you look non threatening to the stupid pigs when they come on the scene because Lucifer makes their dumb little minds think all people who are around guns are bad and scary. This will give you brownie points when the Babylon battalion arrives. Do not hang up from 911 until they say you can. Do not say anything other than then I was in fear for my life, then I don’t talk to the police without a lawyer. Our Messiah Yashuah is counting the hours until their destruction, they will be repaid meda kenega meda (measure for measure) for every black man, brown man, and every man in between they locked up who was innocent. Revelation 19: 15 And out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should smite the nations. And He shall Shepard them with a rod of iron. And He treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of El Shaddai.

  3. CrossOnyx says:

    I’m only 16 but I carry a knife cause 1 I have had people attack me in my neighborhood and 2 I am involved with Law enforcement in a good way and most people here don’t like that.

  4. SkyLee LovesAnime says:

    Oh goodness hopefully this is gomna help, I think someone is outside I'm 14 freakin out and the only thnig I got is tnis sharp black knife, its not a kitchen knife its more like what u see in the movies but less cool or whatever idk mannnn I'm a girl I'm not strong with me luck

  5. Ethan Byrne says:

    You might have said it in the video, but don't you want to run away as soon as you stop the threat THEN maybe call the police instead of staying by the person after stopping them and calling the police?

  6. Robert Deskins says:

    The ideology here is very simple, self defense is about using just enough force to neutralize a threat and cutting is appropriate for the especially with training focused on disabling the attacker.
    Stabbing, like Col. Applegate showed rather conclusively with his blood loss tables years ago, is far more likely to cause lethal wounds and it is a fact people should keep in mind.

  7. Daniel Lopez says:

    This is a very reasonable way to use a knife in self defense. Not only it can be done with even a non-locking pocket knife, like my SAK with a blade just over 2" , it also keeps you some distance from the attacker, and it actually proves to the court that it was self-defense, unlike Master Ken's fantasies.

  8. DJBC says:

    Hello I am a member of the uscca my name is Brandon Miller I just want to know about this knife video where does the uscca special gift knife lie in that training is it just the right length or does it need to be shorter or longer as far as legal carry

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